Photo Essay: Playing with dead things




One cool thing about living on the GulfCoast, or any coast for that matter, is what you find when doing other things.  Lately, we’ve been inundated with a several dead things washing up.


Of course we then play with them.

Whale 4                                                   Whale 3

Our favorite so far has been a shark tooth my son found.  All evidence points to it being a Great White.  The tooth is about 5-10 times the size of the state record hammerhead.

Shark Tooth


Though not native to the Gulf, its not unheard of to find them here.  This winter we also found an alligator and a porpoise.

Flipper                                                                           Alligator

If you find yourself wanting to play with dead things washed up on the beach, don’t let your son fall in the entrails after the necropsy.  And don’t take a picture as he falls…

Dont fall in!

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