Guest Recipe: Oliver’s Super Rich, Paleo, Organic, Raw, and Creamy Mud Muffins

Completely organic, Paleo and gluten free, this recipe is great for times your dad is on the go and is not paying attention to what he is eating.  It helps for the lighting to be a little dim, and for him to be in a hurry.  If you have someone you love who tends to eat ALL the brownies, then this recipe just might work for you.

Serves 1

Prep Time:  About 20 minutes

Clean Up Time:  None, let mom.


  1. Muffin Tin
  2. Black clay from the garden
  3. small rocks as toppings, smooth preferred
  4. Twigs to taste
  5. Sand sprinkles

Put the dirt and clay into the muffin tin and set on the kitchen counter.  Dim the lights.  Wait approximately half an hour until your Dad comes home and immediately hit him with a thousand questions.  Then lead mom to him for her extensive To-Do list as well.  During her barrage of questions, pleas, exaggerated descriptions our your supposed whiny behavior and how the woman at the counter at HEB looked at her funny, do not let her mention you made mud muffins.  Have your Dad walk through kitchen several times, until he notices the dish.  Laugh discreetly as he takes a bite.  If he appears the least bit angry, be sure to remind him they were gluten free–then run like the dickens.


    • For good reason! The most troubling aspect was the time it took for me to determine it was dirt. I thought I’d have recognized sooner.

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