Earning Your Keep in the Mafia Homestead

Homesteading here is a lot like the cosa nostra.  The Mafia.  I have my lieutenants, my capos, and my enforcers.

Anyways, production is the name of the game in this family.  Like Tony Soprano said, “You’ve got to be earners, now get out there and crack some heads.”

I showed you a while back how my duck is enforcing garden rules.




Also like the Mafia, we hold Rats in very low esteem in this family.  Watch this feline hit-man in action.  [Warning, if you are a rat lover, some images are disturbing–but not as disturbing as you loving rats.  ]








  1. I have a dog that’s a vicious rabbit and bird killer. Woe be to the critters that enter my lawn! The birds have stopped landing there. (Except for those damn sneaky and fast chipmunks. They escape every time!)

  2. Growing up, we had an enforcer cat. He was a runty little tabby named VW. He ate everything- rabbits the same size as him. Birds. Mice. Rats. Shrews. He took on a groundhog one time. Another he cleaned out the entire population of grackles and starlings in the blue spruce we had in our front yard. We wormed that cat 4 or 5 times a year. There weren’t any rabbits for blocks around our house.

    Now my dogs are the rabbit and squirrel chasers, but they’ve only killed on rabbit. Last year, the same day I got my first deer, my cat killed his first mouse and presented me with it very proudly as I walked in from my own hunt.

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