Taxidermy Trepidation


bear head

This morning I was reunited with my bear.   Its always nerve racking, waiting to see what the artist has done with your hard fought for trophy.  I feel disconnected, like the hunt truly isn’t finished, until I get my animals back.  I miss them even more if I’ve finished eating the critter being mounted, and with my bear, that’s the case.  We cooked the last of the bear at my men’s bible study class, so I’ve been anxiously awaiting this morning’s visit to Evelyn at Billington Ranch Taxidermy.

I discovered her through an exhaustive internet search of Texas taxidermists with experience mounting bears.  I ran across her website  I recognized her name from this article, which I highly suggest you take a look at if you want to do your own European mounts:

I’m really happy with the detail around the eyes and nose, and her ability to work around some pretty severe scars the old boy earned through battling other bears on Prince of Wales Island.

bear rug

Ignore the munchkin in the background, who waited just a little less than 2 seconds before jumping on my new rug.  If you need any taxidermy work, don’t hesitate to give her a call.

Here’s the hunt story if you are interested.


  1. Lucky you!!! I feel for you, my skin was stuck at our customs for 8 months and I managed to get it out a week before they would have destroyed it.

    Nice rug! Like the partially closed mouth.

    • I’ve read about the nightmare customs can be with trophy animals. I understand there are attorneys in San Francisco and New Orleans whose primary practice is trophy importation. Of course, I’d be tempted to hire some sort of mule to sneak my trophy through.

  2. Years back I took a 8-7 lb bass to a taxidermist. First he wanted to buy it from me for his display. Being my biggest bass at the time, I said no. Then time passed. After 3 months, I gave him a call. His phone had been disconnected and he. my fish and my money were gone. My wife contacted our state’s attorney general. His people found the taxidermist in a new shop 200 miles away. I couldn’t believe it. He hadn’t even started on my bass because when I got the fish back, the paint was still sticky.

  3. Wow, looks great! Always a plus when it comes back looking good! We were disappointed awhile back with a trout my husband got – got it back and it looked nothing like the pictures we gave the taxidermist and the paint wasn’t blended very well. It looks… alright but not worth what we paid. We get teased by family saying “nice carp”. But I’m finishing up some of my husband’s deer hides now so here’s hoping they will turn out well.

  4. Nice bear! We have a similar bear on our wall from a bear hunt near Seward, AK. We went through Knight’s Taxidermy in Anchorage who does a fantastic job. If you ever do any more hunts in Alaska we’d recommend checking them out. It took 12 months to get our rug but most definitely worth the wait.

    When we put it on the floor for pictures our cat didn’t seem to fond of it. I guess he figured it was a living animal once. Haha.

    • That’s good info. The local taxidermists on POW island said it was just too much shipping for them to do our bears. Down here where I am, there are very few taxidermists who’ve got any pictures displayed of bears they’ve done. In fact, I found more pictures of giraffes than bears mounted by Texas taxidermists. Luckily, I found a good one.

      Cats are hard to please, as you no doubt already know. Though accomplished hunters themselves, they don’t respect my bear at all. Now, if I had a rug mount of a Gambian Pouched Rat, that might be a different story…

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