Minnesota Mission



I’d walked about 20 yards up a steep hillside, and from my redoubt heard a truck door slam.  Someone, probably the driver, said “Good luck.” One hundred  yards to the left of me I caught a glimpse of the bow hunter creeping up the hill. I felt bad for the deer hunter with high hopes of arrowing a monster buck, because at that moment two red squirrels emerged from the leaves barking and chasing each other just a stones throw below me.

“Sorry dude,” I apologized in my mind as I blasted away, going two for two on the bushytails.

See, I had a mission to accomplish and only about two hours until my wife’s well of patience ran bone dry. The afternoon started rocky.  The air conditioner in The Mothership (aka wife’s SUV) went kaput, and my hunting locale fell through. The original plan called for her and the kids to explore Lacrosse while I hunted just across the river in Minnesota. Now we drove an hour further into the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes, and she wasn’t thrilled to have to change her plans. So, I wanted to be in and out quickly.

After texting Susan mission accomplished and to pick me up at her leisure, I decided Whitewater State Wildlife Management Area’s 28,000 acres was more than enough to share. I left squirrels barking and made my way opposite the direction of the bowhunter giving him some breathing room. Easing down the hill, I soon found myself in a grove of golden leafed walnut trees. I picked up a backpack full of the black hulled nuts, as well as a a couple more reds.

While waiting at the gate for Susan to pick me up, I killed 3 more red squirrels, the last right as she arrived. The boys spilled out and wanted a look at the the days take.  It was a quick hunt, a little over an hour.  The brevity did not lessen the quality.  A fine hunt.  Mission accomplished.












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