Dallas Safari Club 2015 Convention


As luck would have it, my sons’s  were swimming in the Winter State Games of Texas, which coincided with the Dallas Safari Club’s annual convention. They didn’t swim until Sunday, which left us with a Saturday to play in DFW.   During my stent in law school, I joined the Dallas Safari Club in the hopes of making contacts with attorneys in the Dallas area.  Of course, I came from a more modest background than many of the members, but this didn’t keep them from being a friendly bunch.

Lots of fun for boys, but my toddlers legs gave out.


Where my friends might show each other polaroids (pre smart phone days) of the big buck or limit of dove they shot, the people sharing tables with me in the DSC monthly dinners would pass around shots of elephant, leopards and Cape Buffalo.  Immensely cool.


But, I decided I didn’t want to be an attorney and started college over to become a CRNA.  I moved back to Austin. My membership remained in good standing and I would often get calls from professional hunters going something like this:

“Mr. Spencer, what are your safari plans for the upcoming year?”

To which I would respond:”Well, so far I’ve got a 2 day woodlands hunt planned in Camp County for fox squirrels, other than that, I’m wide open!”

Then of course they would let me know they had a late cancellation for a Marco Polo hunt in Kyrgyzstan, a bongo hunt in Cameroon, etc.  At the time I was living on student loans–a safari was out of the question.  But a man can dream can’t he?


So when I saw the DSC convention was going on this weekend, I was stoked.  Though my wife doesn’t hunt, she likes the idea of going to Africa and many safaris cost about the same or less than hunts in Canada and Alaska.  It’s a plan in the works.

Turning the corner, my dear wife is trampled by an escaped buffalo



This convention is perfect if you need information for planning a destination hunt, want to see some incredible taxidermy and gun collections, or just need inspiration for a dream.  Along with Africa’s professional hunters, outfitters from Alaska to South America are ready to regale you with stories from the bush. And really, who doesn’t need more bush stories?


Well known clothing, boot, and optics dealers as well.    There was also some cool jewelry and lots of other conservation groups like Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance ready to share their causes.  Simultaneously, seminars are going on with guest authors and speakers lined up covering an array of topics ranging from planting a food plot to planning a safari.


I think anybody who likes  to hunt, regardless of safari aspirations, would enjoy the convention.  So if in the Dallas area in January, make plans to attend.


Notice the lions eyes are open.  2015/01/img_3053.jpg

Now blinking.  Freaky. 2015/01/img_3054.jpg


I’d like to return, with a specific trip in mind, about 5 years from now when the boys are older–spend about three days, learn all I can and visit the different hunting outfitters offering my hunt.  Most outfitters were offering nice discounts for signing up at the convention.  Until then, I’ll just dream.




  1. It was a great show as always and yes a man can dream, but when the time comes to go no matter your dream that is the place.

  2. Ah, my favorite son and my only child is now 34 years old. These photos remind me of some fun outings. Keep it up. They will always remember.

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