Feeding the Ducks—Little Boy Style

Remember how I got into ducks?  Well today I was digging the trench for potatoes I was planting and my 8 year old stops me, scoops something into a bucket full of grub worms, and asks for my phone.  He films his catch, and then films the duck feeding session/frenzy. Enjoy.**



**A snake was definitely harmed in this video.  Normally, I don’t mind non-venomous snakes, but not when I’m messing around in the garden.  Plus, a duck’s got to eat.


  1. Planting things. In January. My brain is failing to assimilate this information. I was recently excited about buying a seedling heating pad and a grow lamp to aid germination prior to the last frost (I keep the house just under 70, seeds sprout slowly in that). I struggle to grasp that this is not a problem everyone has. Also: envious of ducks.

  2. Love those ducks. They remind me of a little duck mob I had when growing up, with Khaki Campbells, Indian Runners, Pekings and one Muscovy that my father found on the sea at the bottom of a cliff!

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