If You Burn it They Will Come


So while I was mowing my practice field for little league, I almost burnt it up.

All I had to put it out was a rake, a half drunk bottle of Diet Dr Pepper, and some flip flops.  The wind was blowing and the lit pile of grass got bigger with each gust.  I was able to keep it relatively contained, but each time I’d start mowing, it would roar back to life.

A kind woman did stop and give me some of the melted ice from her beer cooler to put it out, but no luck.  She didn’t offer me a beer–just sayin.  I called my wife and she brought a giant ice chest full of water, still not enough.

I relented, and called in the professionals.

I stomped it out temporarily for this picture, but with each gust of wind the flames would reappear. This is after a couple coolers worth of water.


Of course my little minions were excited about seeing the fireman come….


Me? Not so much. 
OK, maybe a little. 






Fire out, I resumed mowing with no further incident.  Practice field looks pretty decent now, with one notable exception.  Nevertheless, I think it’s safe to say we’ve started this season red hot!

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