Option Period–Using a Game Camera to Determine a Hunting Land Purchase

I’m currently in the option period of my land purchase–meaning the contract is turned into the title company, but I have a 21 day “option period” to decide not to buy it.  I’m interested in buying land solely for the recreation purposes, mainly somewhere to take my boys hunting, fishing and various sundry outdoor shenanigans.

So to verify if there is going to be critters to shoot, skin and eat I tossed a little corn on a trail on my land and set the camera to see what strolled by.  Here are the results.

My first capture, we’ve jumped this pair many times as we drive in.
A second doe
First Horns!
It’s a dude party
Some dudes are genetically challenged…
Didn’t think so…
I believe this is a second bachelor party….




A little close to the camera…or a elk swung by
Possibly a third group of bucks? Notice the spike in the lower left corner.
This one should meet the antler restrictions come season.
I wonder if this spike’s antlers have been damaged.
This little eight looks like it has thicker antlers than the others.
Night time porkers!
And some early morning pig action as well.

I want to hear from you folks, would you be pleased with the amount of game seen in this three day period on my camera?  Let me know in the comments below.


  1. From your previous exploits I would say that this place looks to be right in your “wheel house”. Looks good!

    • They have to be 13 inches. So, with a couple months to grow, I think I see two that might be big enough. Oh, and a spike with at least 1 unbranched antler.

      • Man, that’s tough. What if you shoot one and it ends up 12″ or 12.5″? There are some counties in MI that require a certain number of points on one side, but not a length. Not that you can’t think you see a certain number of points and shoot one that has less.

  2. Considering the sorry state of the land we have access to, yes. “A small 8” lol. Hopefully our food plots are doing some work for us even as I type this. Also- pretty Spanish Moss! You have a pretty decent base to build on, when you do start food plotting.

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