Review: InnoGear 5000 Lumens LED Headlamp

So, sometimes when it’s really dark I get a wee bit scared.  It’s not rational, I know.  But I often find myself wading in pitch black swamps in 80 degree weather in November and December, and no matter how hard I try I end up thinking about alligators underwater.  That’s just one reason I really dig my InnoGear Headlamp.  Like I said, I’m often out way after dark in rural areas, hiking, fishing, or like the other night, hunting.  I want to see where I’m going and more importantly, I want to see anything wanting to bite me.

For years I sported a Petzl Head lamp, which was fine for walking down a trail but didn’t give the kind of light I want when I was actually looking  for something.

One of the the dudes at work suggested this InnoGear 5000 Lumens Headlamp about 2 years ago.  I’m so impressed I own three.  Naturally, when I decided to start reviewing manly stuff to use on various asundry adventures, this is the first one I got fired up about considering how much I just used it.

Last night I watched seven doe and two bucks about 165 yards away as legal shooting time expired. Returning my binos to my backpack, I glanced over my shoulder to see a nice oinker standing about 75 yards away.  I aim and fire.  Dust flies everywhere.  I thought I missed.

I walk over to check for blood, thinking I missed. I noticed a black shadow lying on the ground, and after a couple more steps it’s up and running.  It’s front legs weren’t working, but the back legs and jaws were. Tight circles got wider and wider, each circle run coinciding with unsettling pig screams.  I could hear the boar’s teeth clicking as I fumbled for my phone to video, and then the mad pig turned on me.

I dropped my phone, squealed a bit on my own, grab my headlamp and dodge the pig.  Close range with a rifle is tough, but I had plenty of light to put another round into the boar and that was that.

This is why I recommend this Innogear Headlamp: 

  • Illumination:  Of the four of five brands I’ve used over the years, Innogear is the brightest and it’s not even close.  5000 lumens, 4 modes  (high, medium, low and flashing) and an adjustable point of aim, make this the best functioning lamp I’ve owned.
  • Price: On Amazon for $25 the Innogear is almost half the price of the Petzl, yet twice the light.
  • Weight:  Under 11 ounces, the light is self contained on my head.  Old School miner hats require a belt, harness and a helmet for the same amount of light. InnoGear’s headlamp is comfortable with no noticeable effect on range of motion, nor does it make my head sweat.
  • Rechargeable: via wall outlet, computer, or cigarette lighter.
  • Waterproof : As a duck hunter, everything gets dropped in the water eventually and I can attest it can handle a few dunkings.

Here are a few pictures where the lamp really lit things up.

Here is a close up of the first shot.

Both the intensity of the light and the radius of the beam is solid.  You can see the grass beneath the pig is bloody and this is why I like the Innogear to track wounded game at night. 

During the actual butcher, being able to adjust it to a low setting is helpful.  When my middle son popped a big old stinker on a youth hunt earlier this fall, I had plenty of light.  My surgeon friend said it looked like what he’d use in the operating room.





Overall, I’m really pleased with this light.  If you are interested, go check it out .

What headlamp are you using in your adventures?



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