In Praise of the Meat Gun

“Meat gun” is a term of endearment, lovingly given to small accurate rifles.

Hunting with a meat gun means the pressure of the trophy hunt is over, or at least paused. Trophy hunting is serious, and a trip out with a meat gun often recenters the frustrated and reintroduces fun to the hunt.

The meat gun is usually a smallish caliber rifle, like a .223, 22-250 or .243. The physical weight and length are slight, reminiscent of a first rifle given to boys.

Also implied is a certain amount of comfort in shooting a meat gun. A lethal gun, but not one to bruise a shoulder.

Lately, Ive been sporting a .243 made by Tikka I bought for my boys. Fresh off its solid performance on a recent youth hunt, I decided to try it recently at my land.

The first night found me aiming at a feral hog. So short, the gun feels like a toy in my hands. All the better. I didn’t make the greatest shot on the heavy porker, but it was good enough.

The next night, I watched 5 doe until the last minute of legal shooting, picking out a mature doe without a fawn.

One shot. Slightly quartering away, dropped instantly. My second “meat kill” in as many days.  Freezer full.

Feels good.

Do you have a meat gun? Tell me about it.

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