Archery Opener

Fresh off our trip to Alaska, we turned our focus to the whitetail deer. My little 20 acre tract has been managed to make a hospitable living space for mama deer. Planting oak trees, not mowing the fence line, feeders full of corn, and food plots have been maintained all with the intent to invite does who in turn will attract bucks.

Pigs also like what I’ve done and have definitely crashed our party.

As we began gearing up, the boys were going to take turns using my old crossbow. But this happened:

Once the safety is turned off, the crossbow fires on its own. Scary.

Obviously this crossbow is a danger to life and limb, so the boys had to forgo the first morning’s archery hunt. I did not.

Just at daylight, a boar we had on camera showed and it was an easy kill at 15 yards. I let him lie, but nothing else showed so at 10:30 I headed in and cleaned him. He weighed 92 pounds. Since the swamp is active this fall, Im glad I had my tractor to recover my oinker. See, sometimes my land is like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. When it’s good, it’s a pastoral meadow with beautiful live oaks, spanish moss and belly high johnson grass. When its bad, it’s a gator/snake/mosquito infested swamp. Right now: swamp.

No mule yet, but a tractor is nice.

Tired, I went out that evening hoping to have some success. I did, but it was in the form of another pig. This was the second of the two boars we had on camera, and he was a big boy. Tipping the scales at 180 pounds, the biggest bow kill for me to date.

I was impressed by the power of my crossbow. It left a lot of damage, going through both front legs and exiting with no problem. The pig ran about 50 yards and died.

No buck, but I did put about 100 pounds of pork in the freezer. These two interlopers were keeping the deer off my property, so they definitely needed to go.

Fast forward a weekend, and now we have this guy living in my pond:

Guess my moonlight skinny dipping sessions won’t be alone anymore. Generally, I’m against big toothy animals in my waters, but if he keeps after the snakes Ill keep him for while.

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