Pumpkin Spice and Big Bucks

Life is good in Yellowbush! Bryan showed up about 5:30 Saturday morning as planned. We loaded up our gear and headed to the tree island box stand down in the Heyer bottom. It was cold and frosty, but we each had on about three layers of clothes, plus two thermoses of coffee.

He put pumpkin spice in both. Yankee!

Anyway, first, on the far east side out comes hogs. Several big sows and piglets. They never got closer.

Then a silver coyote wandered through the same place. A little later, from my side out trots a spike. I ask if he wanted it, he said no, so I shot it at about 50 yards. It didn’t flinch. Shot it again at about 60 yards, didn’t flinch. It starts trotting away. Bryan says shoot it again. I did, it goes down at about 100 yards. As it’s cold, we leave it where it lays, not wanting to disturb things. Bryan gets worried about it laying in the sun. He wont take the cart, so is just gonna walk out and drag it back. He doesn’t take into the account the moonscape pasture caused by the rooting of hogs, and about halfway back, he is blowing hard. We climb outta the stand, and go get the spike in the cart.

Then a doe comes running outta the woods in front of us, followed by a fork horn. We let them go, and start getting excited.

Then, outta the dark corner to our left, out comes a doe, moving at a trot. About a minute later, out comes a buck. I didn’t bring my binoculars, so I couldn’t tell about its antlers. Bryan had his binocs, and said it was a good one. He looked at me and said, you shoot him. I said no, I don’t trust my little peashooter, you shoot him. So he’s about 300 yards out, too far for us. He slowly follows the doe toward us. At 225, we had a good shot, but then the doe turned toward us, and so did the buck. As the buck moved toward us we could see it’s a good one.

Bryan gets nervous.

I tell him to relax, deep breaths. From maybe 150 yards, it either was facing us, or behind tall weeds. Finally, a broadside shot.

The doe is still just standing out there. Bryan shoots it. So we wait about forty minutes to go get the buck.

Good hit, and it runs into the woods.

He is packing up his stuff, and I’m eating an apple with peanut butter, neither trying to be quiet, when he says, staring out my window, “a buck!”

So I move all my stuff off the window ledge, readjust my chair, look out the window, and there stands a buck, head up lookin right at us. I get the 22-250, shoot the only shot I have. At a hundred yards the neck shot drops him in his tracks.

We then go get him and go look for Bryan’s buck.

Good trail, and we find him just in the woods.

What a day.

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